[Glade-users] Questions about accelerators.

Hi folks.  I'm writing a GTK app using libglade in Python.  So far thinks
are going okay, but I'm having some difficulty connecting accelerators and
trapping signals from them.

I've defined an accelerator within a GtkText widget (call it 'ctrl-f1'),
and bound it to the key.  I save it, and in the Glade file, I have:

[shevett@cheetah]:~/python/spanker/proj1$ ./spanker.py

Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_accel_group_add(): could not find signal "ctrl-f1"in
the `GtkText' class ancestry

Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_signal_connect_full(): could not find signal
"enter" in the `GtkText' class ancestry

Okay, fine, that means I need to use a signal that exists.  (I
think).  But what I -rally- want to do is link 'Ctrl-f1' to the 'clicked'
signal on a button elsewhere.  

How do I do this - specifically in python/Glade.  :)


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