[Glade-users] locale problem? -- cat-id-tbl.c error


First guess is that you either have not got gettext installed properly,
or you turned it on or off in Glade since generating the source.

Chris Browning wrote:
aclocal: macros/gettext.m4: 11: duplicated macro
aclocal: macros/gettext.m4: 199: duplicated macro
aclocal: macros/lcmessage.m4: 11: duplicated macro
aclocal: macros/progtest.m4: 13: duplicated macro

These surprise me.  It suggests two simultaneous installations of
gettext on your system?  One in /usr and one in /usr/local, perhaps?

Making all in po
make: don't know how to make cat-id-tbl.c. Stop
*** Error code 1

po is gettext support code.  I suspect that either your gettext install
is broken, or that the configure script didn't properly generate the

But I haven't fully thought it out.  Gather more data.  See what Glade
is generating.  Decide whether you want gettext internationalisation
support or not.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

http://www.linux.org/ http://www.linux.org.au/ http://www.freshmeat.net/

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