[Glade-users] glade/libglade problem

Chris Freeze wrote:

On 10-Oct-2000 Damon Chaplin wrote:

I suspect you are using Gnome, in which case libglade respects the Gnome user
preference settings. In the control center users can choose whether they want
icons/text/both in toolbars.

I've been using WindowMaker (not compiled with gnome support) and it's

But are you using the Gnome version of Glade? (Does the palette have a 'Gnome' page?)

If you really don't want that, you should be able to use
to get the toolbar and then gtk_toolbar_set_style() to set the style.

Why not have libglade honor type?  Would a patch to libglade be welcomed?

What we really need is to add a 'User Preference' option to some of the properties
like this, so the toolbar could either be set up to follow the control panel
setting, or you could override it (which I agree is pretty useful.)


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