[Glade-users] Looking-up widgets and GtkNotebook

Dear friends,
I have the following problem:
In order to fit in small screens (800x600) I redesigned an application
that was previously made of a single large layer, to use notebooks.
In particular I have a main notebook made of two pages: in one page
there is another notebook with many entries and combos. In the second
page there are just entries and checkbuttons. From this second page I'm
trying to looking up the entries that are placed in the notebook in the
first page, but lookup_widgets gives me a WARNIG widget etc. not found
for any of these entries and combos.
Is this my fault? Or maybe I can't understand how a GtkNotebook works,
or something else? 
Do you have any help?
Thank you in advance.
Gian Luigi 
 Gian Luigi Gragnani               DIBE -  University of Genoa
 Via Opera Pia 11A             16145 Genova              Italy
 Tel.   + 39 010 353 2244             Fax    + 39 010 353 2245
 mailto:gragnani dibe unige it

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