[Glade-users] Re-Sizze Buttons

Fethiye Akbulut wrote:
After creating a window, click on the "fixed positions" widget. You can
see it next to the "table" one. Then, whatever widget you want to
create in the window --which in turn will be a part of that "fixed"
widget-- can be resized.

Take note, though, that once you move into fixed geometry widgets, you
prevent the window from being dynamically resized to fit the user's

The whole point of complex interwidget geometry negotiation is so that
the window can be resized by the user and still be usable.

I find using dynamic geometry far easier in the long run ... the widgets
just settle themselves into position, and I never have to worry about
where to put them at a pixel level.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

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