[Glade-users] Re-Sizze Buttons

Mike Wells Baranski wrote:
If I create a window, then create a button, it takes up the whole
window, and will not let me resize it.  This is glade 0.5.11.  When I
go to the place properties, I think that there is supposed to be an
expand option, correct?

No.  What you see is the expected behaviour.  Perhaps you misunderstand
geometry negotiation.  The "Place" properties are only relevant when you
place the widget inside a container widget that supports those

If your tree of widgets is simply a GtkButton in a GtkWindow, then the
button must take up the space of the window.

Place the button inside a button box, table, menu bar, or any of the
other containers in order to avoid having it behave in the way you see.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

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