[Glade-users] Option Menu Resizing

David Cooper wrote:


Ok, after checking into it, realize does not seem like the right place
to make my function call.

Here's what I'm trying to do. I want to create an empty option menu in
glade and then, when the program is started, but before the main window
is displayed, I want to read in a configuration file to add items to the
options menu. Doing this on a realize event worked somewhat but things
weren't sized correctly after I appended menuitems to the menu used by
the option menu. I changed this function to be called on a window show
event and it works fine and resized fine but does it after the window
has been displayed. I'm looking for that "majic" event that happens
sometime in between. I'm off to read some code...

Why can't you do it after calling the 'create_windowXXX()' function to
create the window, as I suggested?

Another option is the "style_set" signal, which happens just before the
size is calculated.

While I'm asking... how do you add callbacks to menuitems of an options
menu in glade? I haven't figured out a way to do it through the gui yet.
For that matter, I haven't quite figured out how to get a pointer to an
existing menu item so I can add a callback to it manually. Like I said,
I'm off to read some code and hopefully figure this out.

The FAQ (at http://glade.pn.org) contains some info on using option menus.
You can't manipulate the individual menu items within Glade but you can
access them in your code.


Damon Chaplin wrote:

"David L. Cooper II" wrote:

I am building an application with Glade. The main window contains an
optionmenu that contains no entries. I add menu items to the menu used
by the option menu in a callback on a main window realize. When the main
window is displayed, the option menu is too short to display any of the
items that I've appended to the menu. How can I get the items in the
window to resize before the window is displayed? I don't want the main
window to resize after it has been displayed.

You could try adding the items immediately after creating the window:

  window1 = create_window1 ();
  option_menu = lookup_widget (window1, "optionmenu1");
  ... add items ...

Was there any particular reason you used a "realize" callback?


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