[Glade-users] Custom Widget

Michael Vanecek wrote:

I know custom widgets can be put onto the pallete - I just saw a
screenshot from gnome-db with two additional and custom catagories put
in. Is this something that can be configured just by writing/compiling
the custom widgets and putting them in a special directory, or is this
something that has to be recompiled back into Glade? I saw some
preliminary notes about adding custom widgets, but nothing clear to a
Glade newbie...

The 'custom widget' feature in Glade allows you to provide your own
function to create a particular widget.

Currently you can't add extra widgets to Glade dynamically. You can only
do it by adding code into Glade and recompiling. Though I'd like to support
dynamically loading widget libraries at some point.

BTW - the documentation isn't showing up in the Help menu of 0.11. I had
it in 0.9 and the docs exist in the src tree. But then, this _is_ a
developmental version...

Have you installed it in a different directory to Gnome?
If you did then Gnome won't find the help files.
(You could try setting "GNOMEDIR")


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