[Glade-users] Custom Widget

I know custom widgets can be put onto the pallete - I just saw a
screenshot from gnome-db with two additional and custom catagories put
in. Is this something that can be configured just by writing/compiling
the custom widgets and putting them in a special directory, or is this
something that has to be recompiled back into Glade? I saw some
preliminary notes about adding custom widgets, but nothing clear to a
Glade newbie...

BTW - the documentation isn't showing up in the Help menu of 0.11. I had
it in 0.9 and the docs exist in the src tree. But then, this _is_ a
developmental version...


Michael Vanecek wrote:

Is the Custom Widget operational? If so, what's the easiest way to
incorporate a custom widget? Suppose I write a calender widget (for
example), how do I get it to show up in your toolbox under any of the
three catagories you have - gtk, gtk extras and gnome, or access it from
the custom widget button?


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