[Glade-users] interface.c

James Cameron wrote:

Ronaldo Nascimento wrote:
now that i have all these widgets in local vars,
how do I access them in functions in callbacks.c
do I have to code a whole bunch of globals?

Thank you for asking.  This is a frequently asked question ... and the
answer is to use the lookup_widget() function provided by Glade in

Damon: too many people are asking this.  I see from http://glade.pn.org/
that a FAQ was added to the help menu in 0.5.8, but I can't see it in

It only appears in the Gnome version.
I suppose we should try to add it to the GTK+ version.

My suggestions are:
        - add the FAQ to http://glade.pn.org/
        - next version, add comments to initial callbacks.c code

Yes, we need to do something like this.


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