[Glade-users] Building a C++ project

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Parrish M Myers wrote:


I can't seem to get a C++ project generated or created.  I have a
debian woody box with the packages:
glade-gnome    0.5.11-helix1
glademm        0.5.5-1
libgtkmm-dev   1.2.3-1
libgtkmm       1.2.3-1
libgnomemm-dev 1.1.12-1
libgnomemm1.1  1.1.12-1

I'm using Debian woody myself, but unfortunately the glade, glade-gnome
and glademm packages are hideously outdated. I filed a bug report it ages
ago but nothing's happened. I've been offered to take over the
maintainership, and I'm considering doing it. Anyway, download the latest
glade and glademm sources instead, from their respective homepages, and
compile yourself.

which I think are the required package...  But when I make a new
project and pick C++: 1) I don't get the C++ tab to customize the
project (the C tab remains); 2) When I click build, the message says it
builds the source, but there is nothing in the directory except for the
glade file; and 3) does glade-- support gnome?

1) Neither do I, with the latest version of glade from the glade homepage.
2) Oookay... Try running glade-- on the project file "manually" (that's
what I usually do)
3) Yep, but there are lots of bugs. I can't get the gettext stuff to work
for example.


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