[Glade-users] Building a C++ project


I can't seem to get a C++ project generated or created.  I have a
debian woody box with the packages:
glade-gnome    0.5.11-helix1
glademm        0.5.5-1
libgtkmm-dev   1.2.3-1
libgtkmm       1.2.3-1
libgnomemm-dev 1.1.12-1
libgnomemm1.1  1.1.12-1

which I think are the required package...  But when I make a new
project and pick C++: 1) I don't get the C++ tab to customize the
project (the C tab remains); 2) When I click build, the message says it
builds the source, but there is nothing in the directory except for the
glade file; and 3) does glade-- support gnome?  

If someone could help I would appreciate it.  I'm clueless right now.


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