Gladde support for gtkmm4

Hello, i'm not sure where to ask this question,sorry for my poor English.

I'm working on linux arch with xfce4, and i installed recently:

gtk4, gtkmm4 and glade. I have noticed under the Glade menus buttons that it is not supporting gtk4 yet?

Can i try develop some simple c/c++ gui using glade and gtk4?

I have some problems compiling example from programing with gtkmm4.

I'm not sure what to do now.

My GTK4 is working fine on arch with xfce4, but now i need also gtkmm4 and glade,

and that stuff not working properly yet, i installed gtkmm4 using yay on arch,

and can't compile .cc files.

Should i just downgrade to gtk3 and stay with building aps with gtk3 gtkmm3 and currect glade version?

I really wanted to start learning and building gui using c++ and gtk4,but well,

seems that arch is not bleeding enough for me ;p

best regards, and happy coding :)

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