[Glade-devel] widgets with the same name in the same file?


unfortunately, I noticed that Glade 3.12.1 broke my old glade-files
*again*, since it forbids that widgets have the same name in a single
glade-file; this was possible in Glade 2, broke in Glade 3.4 (or
earlier), was possible again in a later Glade-version, and broke
again in Glade 3.12 (or earlier). Additionally, Glade silently renames
non-unique-widget-names, so that a simple load-and-save *breaks*

I filled a bug-report:

Can anybody tell me, why Glade constantly breaks this?

Even if it might sound strange, having widgets with the same names
-- as long as they are in different toplevels -- is *very* useful,
since it allows to have several toplevel-windows in the same gladefile,
with each toplevel-window e.g. having a "close_button", a "number_entry"
etc.  The only current workaround I know, is to use a separate glade-file
for *every* toplevel-window, resulting in an unhandy, large number of
gladefiles. :((


On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 06:34:32PM +0200, Timo wrote:
It is possible. When you start Glade (or Edit=>Preferences), choose
in the preferences dialog for:
Object names are unique: inside toplevels

Instead of "Within the project".


Roland Koebler schreef:

in Glade v3 it seems to be impossible to give two widgets the same
name, which was possible in Glade v2. Although it may sound strange
at first, it definitely is useful to have two widgets with the same
name in one file, e.g. for having several windows in 1 glade-file,
where each window has a "close_button" or a "number_entry".
I used this a lot with Glade v2.

So, could you again (like in Glade v2) allow several widgets with the
same name in one file?

(The alternative for the example above would either be much longer widget-
names (plus specific code for every window, since generic code may not work)
or a whole bunch of glade-files---which both seems clumsy.)


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