[Glade-devel] Multiple toplevels in GladeDesignView

I think I have all the ui pretty much covered.
GladeDesignLayout shoud not need any other change

Screenshot http://imagebin.org/134540 here

On Wed, 2011-01-26 at 16:48 +0900, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
When many toplevels are present (I tried it when
loading glom.glade for instance), some dialogs dont
get the full height that they need (i.e. the bottom
portion of the GladeDesignLayout is "clipped" out
of the view, so one cannot view the whole widget
and one cannot vertically resize that widget).

I think i can fix that adding a dummy widget at the end of the vbox and
making it expand.

I'm happy to see that when selection changes the
design view scrolls to the position of the widget's
toplevel... really nicely done :)

I have to make it a little bit more smart in the sense that it should
not change the position if the widget is fully visible, and perhaps
animate it.
But i will take a look at that after i fix the code

One more minor bug:
   When there is no widget in the project, the background
of the GladeDesignView is grey and not white... when adding
a single window, the background it white only for the height
of the window (and the rest bottom portion still grey).

Yeah, I just fixed that drawing the base color of the widget state.

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