[Glade-devel] Multiple toplevels in GladeDesignView

On Tue, 2011-01-25 at 22:26 -0300, Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Hello guys, I just created a new branch multiple-toplevels
and pushed a quick hackish implementation to see how it would look like
to have multiple toplevels in the same GladeDesignView

Comments are welcome, specially about functionality and stuff like that

I know the implementation is just a hack, but i think discussing how to
best implement this could lead to some nice cleanups.

I quickly looked at the branch.

Actually I dont mind that the design-view adds/removes widgets to
the layout by itself... however as I mentioned on irc last night,
this has to dynamically change when a GladeWidget becomes
visible/invisible (i.e. glade_widget_show/hide())

Currently the GladeWidget already tracks a "visible" flag, 
it should be exported as a property and have a
glade_widget_get_visible() api so that GladeDesignView
can check that to decide whether or not to add the child
to the view.

So probably all this needs:
   - A project signal to indicate that GtkDesignView's connected
     to the project should update which child is visible
     "widget-visibility-changed" for instance.

   - An exported property and api from GladeWidget for

   - glade_widget_show/hide() to provoke the project signal
     to fire

   - GladeDesignView to catch the "visibility-changed" signal
     on it's GladeProject and update visible toplevels from

I also like how the GladeDesignView updates the selection of
it's internal GladeDesignLayouts based on project selection
changes, this should however get rid of the code in 
glade_project which does this explicitly.


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