[Glade-devel] One preview per "topmost" widget

2010/10/30 Marco Diego Aur?lio Mesquita <marcodiegomesquita at gmail.com>:
2010/10/30 Tristan Van Berkom <tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com>:
2010/10/30 Marco Diego Aur?lio Mesquita <marcodiegomesquita at gmail.com>:
This is my plan to implement one preview per "topmost" widget in glade:

?- Escalate the widget tree (using gtk_widget_get_parent).
?- Check (using gtk_widget_get_name and a list of the names of
widgets currently been previewed) if such widget is already been
? ?- If it is already been previewed, update the whole interface.
? ?- If not, launch a preview.

Perhaps GladePreview object must be an object belonging
to the GladeWidget itself... when the toplevel gets a parent
added to it... the preview should then be placed on the parent.

Hmmm... This is fundamentally different from what we're doing right
now. What you're proposing would include an api extension to
GladeWidget so that it would have a preview method and take care to
kill the previewer process by the destructor (most of it is treated by
GladeProject now), is that?

No, that code must be moved into a GladePreview object anyway,
other than that yes the preview would have to be launched by

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