[Glade-devel] One preview per "topmost" widget

2010/10/30 Marco Diego Aur?lio Mesquita <marcodiegomesquita at gmail.com>:
This is my plan to implement one preview per "topmost" widget in glade:

?- Escalate the widget tree (using gtk_widget_get_parent).
?- Check (using gtk_widget_get_name and a list of the names of
widgets currently been previewed) if such widget is already been
? ?- If it is already been previewed, update the whole interface.
? ?- If not, launch a preview.

The association should not be by name, widget names
can change during a running preview.

Perhaps GladePreview object must be an object belonging
to the GladeWidget itself... when the toplevel gets a parent
added to it... the preview should then be placed on the parent.

Something like that.

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