[Glade-devel] Glade-SVG incorporation

On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 17:36 +0400, ????? ???????? wrote:

I'd like to know is there possibility to incorporate glade with SVG, I
mean replace usual square-shaped window with some vector graphic I
would draw manually (not programmatically), which would response to
some user's actions? They both use XML, and I wonder how to connect
them into one amazing application? I've seen some tutorials about
Cairo, but vector editors such as Inkspace have much more power, I
think. Is there any tutorial or docs concerning usage glade-svg ?

I'm not sure what you meant under replacing square-shaped window. At the
end all windows are square-shaped, even if the border is hidden and the
edges are transparent.

In any case, you always can write your own widget which would display
all you want, including svg graphics, add the widget to the Glade
catalog, and Glade would be able to display it relatively painlessly.
There are tutorials explaining the process to some extent. Any svg xml
content could be saved within widget's custom tags.

Just displaying svg should be trivial. I did not work with svg so far,
but I know librsvg can render svg into pixmap, so your widget can
display it. As for user interactions... Inkscape (if that what you meant
under Inkspace) is open source application, and you can definitely reuse
some code, but as I said, I do not know much about svg, so can't really
tell how much work it would take to put it all together.

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