[Glade-devel] How to open a dialog box on button click event

On Mon, 2009-07-13 at 16:37 +0530, Nainesh Parekh wrote:
Hello friends,
I m a newbie to this mailing list and to glade development.
For my project , i m using glade-3 and designed a basic window with a
button and a dialog box.
I don't know how to connect to dialog box on button click from my
basic window.
I m attaching .glade and .c file , plz help me out.

Also, if you know any good tutorial for glade , for beginners like
me , then plz send me link.

Plz forgive me if i composed my mail or attachment in a wrong way.

thanks in advance.

Your glade file a tad out of sync with the program. In the program
you're connecting the signals manually. That's probably not what you
want. All you need to do to connect the signals defined in the glade
file is one call:
glade_xml_signal_autoconnect (main_window);

The g_signal_connect () function has nothing to do with glade. You can't
just pass a widget name as a parameter to it and expect to get the
widget as user_data in your callback.

I can't give a recommendation for a particular tutorial. I do not know
if there's any "official" one, but I'm sure if you just google for
"glade tutorial" you'll find plenty.

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