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On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 1:07 PM, Anusha Kadambala <anuhacks at gmail.com> wrote:
?hi,i am added notebook in one window .i want to add a page with a
another window when triggered from first window.how to do this.

You need to clarify this, for instance; what is a page with another window ?

You probably want to make a toplevel project object
that is not a window, and use that to build as your notebook
pages - toplevel non-window objects are available only
in Glade trunk & 3.5.x dev snapshots - otherwise I believe you have
to unparent your window manually (although you may be able to only
build the child using the right "root" argument to glade_xml_new()
or GtkBuilder equivalent).


when i
used notebook.insert() it is coming as a seperate window but not as page
of first window

how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advancce

Njoy the share of Freedom,

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