[Glade-devel] Correction: Glade 3.5.5!!! released

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 5:23 PM, Marco Diego Aur?lio Mesquita
<marcodiegomesquita at gmail.com> wrote:
Can't these 3 bugs be squashed out in time for (a better integration
between Anjuta and Glade in) Gnome 2.26?


All 3 of these patches need complex work:
  - signal editor as derivable object[1]
    o There is alot of code added here to expose internals of the signal editor
       without really doing anything in Glade, seems like we should be
       doing more in the signal editor and notifying some more simpler
       concepts, either that or the signals/properties should only
exist in the derived
       signal editor.
    o Setting a signal editor on the main editor stored in GladeApp
will not give you
       the signal editor in all editors, we would need to cache the
preffered signal editor
       type instead

  - expose widget events[2]
    Not so hard to get right, but the patch on that bug is a little
naive for the complexity
    at hand IMO. I'm re-reading that bug now and can somebody explain
to me what exactly
    you want to do with this feature ? From my POV, third party
handlers have to run after
    widgets are selected and before native widget handlers run - also
drag/resize mode has
    to remain in priority along with the widget selection click.

  - default signal name[3]
   Also needs work, just some touch ups on how the xml is parsed, but
really, can I see
   the signal name in action ? a fancy completion from the signal
editor perhaps ?
   (its a little lame to just add the requirement to Glade that we
have to carry along this
   new metadata, without even really knowing what its for or using
it... cant really commit that)

Heres my plan:

I am trying to nail GtkActivatable/GtkAction support, the GtkEntry needs editor
support for the new icons, we have bugs to fix to get treeview/model
handling working
more seemlesly in the workspace, and bugs concerning copy/pasting widgets
across projects that have property references to other objects in the project
(I also asked Juan to rewrite the signal editor using GtkBuilder for
the treeview,
maybe we can introduce a simple interface for the signal editor instead of full
derivation, it doesnt do a really complex task...)... I also have alot
of tedious
work to do updating catalog metadata.

If I can get all that in for 3.6 and maybe more, I would be really happy.

It might help if you could share exactly what you want to accomplish with these
patches - we may find a way to work around some of the more complex parts
and find a solution - would also help if someone has time to follow through on
the above patches.

So you tell me, can these bugs be squashed for gnome 2.26 ?



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