[Glade-devel] Glade development meeting

Good morning to all, 
    regardless of your timezone, be patient and morning will come :)...

So, Glade has come a long way, we've had better coordinated teams in the
past, endured the long run, now we've gained a little bit of momentum
and focus and we have a lot on our plate - so we're gonna make an effort
to coordinate better and stay on top of things.

Anyway, we're going to hold our first (hopefully monthly) irc team
meeting this friday May 11th at 19:30 UTC (by our calculations, that's
15:30 EDT, 12:30 PDT and 21:30 in South Africa, we had a long discussion
about that and I only got more and more confused).

   - Bindings (if there's anything to discuss atm)
   - Plans for glade 3.4 in general (boil down what we plan to get done)

Everyone is welcome to attend.


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