[Glade-devel] Problem with glade and anjuta

Hi Tristan!

   - glade_app_get_project ()
   - glade_project_get_objects ()
   - loop through objects, GTK_IS_WINDOW (object) ?
     + glade_widget_show (glade_widget_get_from_gobject (object))

OK, I will try that. It just looks a bit ugly to have an empty designer
in an editor tab.

2) There are some Gtk-Criticals in the glade code when you embed it in
anjuta - would be nice if you could have a look at them. Obviously at
least they do no harm

Sure, can you attach those to a bug report ?

Sure, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=459906

You mean criticals in general or criticals as a result of parenting
the workspace widget into anjuta ?

Not sure if it is the workspace window, but could be.

Ok, I'll make a point to make sure all API breaks (not additions) are



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