[Glade-devel] Problem with glade and anjuta

On Sat, 2007-07-21 at 12:38 +0200, Johannes Schmid wrote:

We have some problems with the glade integration recently:
1) We wanted to load the first availible widget from the widget tree
when a file is opened but I did not find a way to do that

   - glade_app_get_project ()
   - glade_project_get_objects ()
   - loop through objects, GTK_IS_WINDOW (object) ?
     + glade_widget_show (glade_widget_get_from_gobject (object))

That should do it (note that there is no "first" widget, although
chance might have it that this will get you the widget that is on
top in the widget tree/inpsector)

2) There are some Gtk-Criticals in the glade code when you embed it in
anjuta - would be nice if you could have a look at them. Obviously at
least they do no harm

Sure, can you attach those to a bug report ?

You mean criticals in general or criticals as a result of parenting
the workspace widget into anjuta ?

I am assuming the later, there will always be criticals comming from
gtk+ widgets that are getting properties set to values that they
dont like - we catch them as they come and sometimes they are introduced
by new properties in gtk+.. so we just got to keep running after them.

One other thing: It would be really nice if you could remind us (with
bugzilla or mail) when you change API in your development version
because it breaks our build. Of course we don't care about API
additions, just about incompatible API changes. (We also do not really
care about ABI at this point)

Ok, I'll make a point to make sure all API breaks (not additions) are


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