[Glade-devel] bug with cut/paste

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
Maxime wrote:

When I cut a widget and past it, its name changed : oldname => oldname1
It's very irritating to rename all widgets... (try to cut a window which
contains a lot of widgets for example...)

I'm sorry if this issue had been already reported.

Ouch, thats my bad (I introduced that in 3.0.1).

Since you can now paste a cut or copied widget infinitely, a pasted
widget is _always_ copied from the clipboard.

I suppose the initial paste of a cut widget will have to use the
name directly - subsequent pastes should modify the name.

Thanks for pointing this out :)


Further to this bug ( introduced recently, and I assume related ) is
that all signals are stripped from widgets ( I've tested buttons and
menu items ) when cut and pasted.

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