[Glade-devel] Draft Proposal: Supporting widgets written in other languages

Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Thats a good point to consider - maybe its at least possible for a
"plugin bridge" to get at the initialized type in the C++/python plugin
and syntheticly replicate the type in the GObject type-system in
the libgladeui memory space ?

Not sure I understand what you mean. Everything is in the same
process, if you got GType then you're all set. The problem we have here
is how to get that GType given only its name, and that's there glue is
needed - python would import corresponding modules, instantiate
the class, and get its type to glade; or no-real-type module would create
GType on the fly or something.

    I guess I was imaginig a case where it was impossible to have everything
in the same memory space - I guess thats just foolish, I dont know.



     another question in this vain is - could that be done while 
maintaining the
     portability of Glade on all gtk+ supported platforms ?

The only non-portable thing here is depending on availablity of dynamic
modules, but glade already depends on it. GObject system is in glib, 
is in glib, the rest is optional, shouldn't be a problem.

What I mean here is - if we go ahead and use an "adapter class" route in 
it would be pointless if glade-gtk.c were to be written in C (in C is 
obviously more
convenient to only supply the callbacks needed for a particular class 
via the xml
file, otherwise a boiler plate code would have to be written in C for 
every single
widget that had anything non-default, any method to override - a 
painfull and needless
overhead for the C plugin author).

On the other hand, can we write the gtk+/gnome plugin in python ? and still
be portable on win32 ? ... i.e. will python be portable everywhere gtk+ is ?


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