[Glade-devel] feature request: additional callback like post-create-function

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:

glue code for others langs than C) so maybe we could work together.

sure! :-)

For example, the first step is to make a gtkmm wraper for
GladeWidgetAdaptor class and the rest should be a piece of cake :)

ok, will have a look into that.

So please joing irc.gnome.org #glade3 some time so we can arrange
something :)

will do (some time next week). what timezone are you in?

Juan Pablo

Thanks for your reply :-)

Oliver Nittka
ESEM Gr?nau GmbH & Co. KG
Dornierstra?e 6, 88677 Markdorf/Germany
phone: +49 7544 9583-25, fax: +49 7544 9583-60

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