[Glade-devel] feature request: additional callback like post-create-function

On Thu, 2006-11-23 at 14:25 +0100, Oliver Nittka wrote:
I'm very interested in every feedback you can give me, including "we
don't care for gtkmm whimps" ;-)

Hi, we do care about gtkmm, in fact glade now support python! and we
plan to support at least every gnome platform bindings c++, java, python
and perl.
Actually I was reading about gtkmm and planing on making the
corresponding GladeBinding module to support it (GladeBinding is the new
glue code for others langs than C) so maybe we could work together.
For example, the first step is to make a gtkmm wraper for
GladeWidgetAdaptor class and the rest should be a piece of cake :)

So please joing irc.gnome.org #glade3 some time so we can arrange
something :)


Juan Pablo

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