[Glade-devel] Missing .png files in the current CVS tree

On 5/16/06, Jeff Westerinen <Jeff Westerinen palmsource com> wrote:

 I attempted to build Glade3 from the CVS, and when I attempt to run, I
got many warnings about missing files, e.g. widget.png, menuitem.png,
etc.  Sure enough, when I look in the pixmap directory, those files are not
there.  I checked the tarball and found the same problem.  I've looked a the
this mailing list's archive, but saw no other complaints.  Are these missing
on purpose?

Haha !
    they are not missing on purpose :D

they are missing because nobody had contributed them yet !
So... in the hope that they get heard... those warning messages
are fired in the startup and "gtk-broken-image" is used in their stead.

But not to worry... there is a complete set of icons that you can
look at here: http://gnome.org/~tvb/proposed_icons/
contributed by Vincent Geddes (I send a rfc mail to this list not too long
that will be integrated soon... along with his awsome new palette
(I would apply them now... but they come in two sizes and require a
patch that I havent recieved yet ;-p ).

And on the same subject... since the gnomeui/bonobo/canvas plugin
is hitting cvs shortly... we'll need a whole lot more icons :)

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