[Glade-devel] glade-3 from CVS bug

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

glade-3 just doesnt bother saving properties that are already
default according to thier GParamSpec, if the internal glade
catalog doesnt specify a default... and the user doesnt explicitly
set a value, then glade-3 assumes the user wants the factory default
for that property.

Hmm, when I add the window, the value which appears is No, not yes, so since
I changed it to yes it should be saved.

As to why "visible=False" by default; I wont delve too deep into
this; since its also just a historical fact... note typicly
people will call gtk_widget_show_all() on their top-levels.

Yes, I was looking for it but all examples I could see only do (that's
Python but you should get it):

    self.wTree=gtk.glade.XML (gladefile,windowname)
    self.wTree.signal_autoconnect (dic)

So, I assumed signal_autoconnect shows it all (although this looks weird now
in view of your next remark)

The problem is that my simple test program doesn't display the window with
glade-3 XML file but it works fine with glade2 XML file.

Setting them visible=True in the glade file means that all
your "visible" top-levels will be automatically shown after
calling glade_xml_new(). (I suppose you dont want this by
default... if your app contains multiple windows or dialogs).

Thanks for the info, I suspected there sould be a good reason to
have default visible=no although this can easily bite a newbie.


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