[Glade-devel] GnomeDb Catalog progress

2006/7/18, Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte at gmail.com>:

Hello Daniel, so... how is gnomedb support doing?
Have you modified configure.in, src/Makefile.am and widgets/Makefile.am?
If so please send a patch.

At moment I haven't time enough to work on and I'm waiting for the
gnome-db's mantainer finish the lastest changes in the CVS code, to compile
and test my gnome-db catalog implementation, I haven't made the changes
above, but hope it was done ASAP.

I wasn't able to compile and test it because of some compiler error I
didn't get time to fix (I tried using `pkg-config --libs --cflags

Yes Vivien Marvela is working in the CVS code and have plans to release a
new beta version, and I wait for him to finish.

Trabajar, la mejor arma para tu superaci?n
"de grano en grano, se hace la arena" (R) (entr?mite, pero para los cuates:
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