[Glade-devel] GnomeDb Catalog for Glade3 - Questions and First XML version

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 18:21 -0500, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
Hi I finaly finished the XML version of GnomeDb Catalog, but I don't
understand what to to if a widget needs an icon from the stock, how
can I say to Glade3 to show a selector or what else.

You should add a property in the catalog and specify

Other question: Where Can I find the icons used by glade2 in gnome-db?
may be some of then could be usefull. 

Hmmm, check out glade2 sources

Just, let me say you  that I have'nt tested the catalalog yet  in
Glade3, but I'll do it when I finish the *.c source file needed and
find the icons to use.

OK, I was going to do it myself (take a look at the TODO) but since you
already started... I will do something else :)

Attached you'll find the first version of the GnomeDb's XML catalog
for Glade3. 

There is not much to see without the .c can you send it as well.

Trabajar, la mejor arma para tu superaci?n 
"de grano en grano, se hace la arena" (R) (entr?mite, pero para los
cuates: LIBRE) 

hehe I guess I could had answer in Spanish :)
jeje Creo que podr?a haber contestado en Espa?ol :)

BTW is it ok to write to the list in other language rather than english?


Juan Pablo

/me sometimes is in a hurry and it takes longer for him to write in

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