[Glade-devel] GnomeDb Catalog for Glade3 - Questions and First XML version

Hi I finaly finished the XML version of GnomeDb Catalog, but I don't
understand what to to if a widget needs an icon from the stock, how can I
say to Glade3 to show a selector or what else.

Other question: Where Can I find the icons used by glade2 in gnome-db? may
be some of then could be usefull.

Just, let me say you  that I have'nt tested the catalalog yet  in Glade3,
but I'll do it when I finish the *.c source file needed and find the icons
to use.

Attached you'll find the first version of the GnomeDb's XML catalog for

For the gnome-db-list, I have a question about the use of GnomeDbGray, could
any say me where I'll use it; may be it doesn't need icons from the stock,
but plase explain me.

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