[Glade-devel] [glade-3] TODO list

Hi all,
    I've made an initial stab at a todo list for the last
remaining missing features/bugs for an initial beta release
of glade-3 and committed it as the TODO file
(which I'll attach here for convenience).

Remember: this is a list of missing baseline features for
glade; not a wish list of all the fancy features that we
want glade-3 to have in the long run ;-)

So please if you can, take a minute and glance at this
list (maybe fire up glade-3...) and let me know if I've
missed something.

Cheers and TIA,
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Blockers for glade-3 2.92.0 beta

 o Implement atk properties (parser already works)
 o Toolbar editor / Popup menu editor ?
 o Add / Implement gnome widget catalog (bug 315601)
 o Custom widgets/backwards compatibility (bug 317949)

Complex bugs:
 o Unify multiple property changes & dont unify default settings (bug 315600)
 o GtkTable packing props should adjust placeholders (bug 325791)
 o Selection bug with some widgets (properly streamlining events
   on widgets in the glade runtime environment) (bug 327379)

Trivial bugs:
 o Cutting a text field in the properties dialog cut the widget (bug 324398)
 o glade_app_config_save() should report errors in a smart fashion (bug 310141)
 o upgrade build scripts to work with modern automake (bug 304766)
 o Dimensions of window changing after a simple cut and paste (bug 320077)

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