[Glade-devel] MenuEditor undo/redo cleanup

this small patch is a cleanup for undo/redo button stuff in glade-app

gcc4 complains about a punned pointer or something like that
in glade_util_draw_nodes_idle()
this fix it just check it does not complain in gcc3 :D

-       gdk_window_get_user_data (expose_win, (gpointer *)&expose_widget);
+       gdk_window_get_user_data (expose_win, (gpointer)&expose_widget);

2006-01-25  Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte gmail com>

        * glade-app.c: undo/redo buttons cleanup.
          Use of "destroy" signal instead of week pointers and
          use update-ui default handler to update buttons.

        * glade-project-window.c: glade_project_window_update_ui() chain up
          with GLADE_APP_CLASS update-ui handler.
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