[Glade-devel] Next development snapshot

Lluis Sanchez wrote:

I wonder when are you planning to release a new development snapshot of
Glade-3, and if it could include the patches I sent some time ago (the
one for GladeInferface and the one for supporting window embedding). I'm
planning to release a new MonoDevelop version and I'd like to include
the support for Glade3, but I would only do it if there is a public
Glade3 snapshot that works unpatched with the IDE.

     Completely coincidentally, I was going to roll out a snapshot
tonight (or maybe tomorrow night if I dont have time).

Now, I had actually included your patch in cvs but I just reverted
it due to a bug it introduced with undo/redo in regards with

     o Fire up glade and create a GtkMenuBar with a few items.
     o Using the menu-editor, drag'n'drop an item in the list
       effectively changing its "position".
     o Press Undo
     o Note here that the repositioned item has now been duplicated
       in the project.

Note also that your patch doesn't cover toplevel GObjects, toplevels
need to be detected in the case of GObjects too, for example;
when pasting an object from the clipboard; if the object is toplevel
it will be added to the "active" project (since this is currently not
a regression, I was prepared to commit this harmless patch)

I also want to make something clear:
     Making a contract with the client IDE of libgladeui that
     toplevel widgets without the toplevel flag are supported
     is completely out of the question, I'll accept these
     harmless patches but will garauntee nothing concerning
     glade-3's policy regarding this.

     AFAICS, the IDE should never even have to look at
     GladeWidget->object or ever handle a project object manually.

     This feature belongs in glade-3, glade-3 should provide a
     sane API to reparent toplevels and add them to whatever
     place in the IDE.

     If there is a sane API/implementation for this in glade-3; it
     will be something you can count on working in the future,
     otherwise you are just depending on whatever whimsical behaviour
     glade-3 happens to have at that moment.

That being said; I'd be more than happy to help out prototyping
and implementing a complete/clean version of this feature in glade-3.


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