[Glade-devel] RadioMenuItem support + some bug fixes (325791, 316104, 325801) (second try)

On Mon, 2006-01-09 at 17:22 -0500, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

     o First and foremost; fix this segfault, steps to
       - Open the attached glade file with glade-3
       - Click on the top menu and fire up the menu editor
       - Select "close"
       *** At this point everything is still groovy ***
       - Open the same glade file again (I'm using "recent projects")
       - Click on the top menu again
       *** Segfault here when selecting the menu ***

Fixed in src/glade-editor.[ch]

     o Lets add "Undo/Redo" buttons to the editor and not
       support all the side effects of having the dialog non-modal
       (which would render the above bug invalid; but I'm still
       curious to know why it segfaults; something should still
       probably be fixed).

I will...

     o I dont want glade_project_emit_close_signal() exposed,

     o Is there a way we can set the expander column "insensitive" ?

I think we're almost there !

BTW, good show on the undo/redo magic in the treeview ;-)


Could you check if this is correct?
glade_widget_params_from_widget_info() skip properties that should be

I added this check because for example if a window has a type-hint
property set this gives a gtk warning and the catalog say this property
should be ignored.

Juan Pablo

2006-01-12  Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte gmail com>

        * src/glade-project.[ch]: New project signal "close".

        * src/glade-app.c: glade_app_remove_project() emits project
          "close" signal.
          glade_project_new_from_interface() now set the project status
          (changed flag) in a low priority idle function, this makes
          safe to use idle functions (normal priority) in plugins.
          glade_project_set_accel_group() removes old accel group.
          (bug 316104)

        * src/glade-widget.c: glade_widget_build_object() skip object
          properties with NULL values.
          glade_widget_params_from_widget_info() skip properties 
          that should be ignored.

        * src/glade-editor.[ch]: free all GladeEditorTable (widget,
          packing and common) when loading page. 
          (ie in glade_editor_load_widget_page)

        * src/glade-gtk.c: RadioMenuItem support.
          GtkMenuEditor reorder bug fixed.
          MenuEditor is not modal anymore. (to access to undo/redo)
          glade_gtk_table_has_child() fix, widgets in a table can occupy
          more than one row/column. (bug 325791)
          Fixed label "use-underline" property at load time. (bug 325801)
          glade_gtk_widget_set_sensitive() set sensitive property always

        * src/glade-widget-class.c: segfault fixed when merging
          RadioMenuItem class in glade_widget_class_merge_properties()

        * widgets/gtk+.xml: new GtkMenuShell packing property
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