[Glade-devel] [PATCH] removed some forward enum declarations

This patch replaces some forward declared enums by their actual
definition. This is needed for including glade.h in C++ sourcefiles.
(think gtkmm binding)

Contrary to C, forward declarations of enums are not allowed in C++ (if
someone is interested, this issue has been raised several times on
comp.lang.c++ (no, i didn't know this before, either ;-))

None of those forward declarations seemed actually neccessary to me,
they were all resolved by just expanding the actual definition by its
common name and a typedef.

I have reworked all forward declared enums i found in the source tree,
not all of them would have been neccessary for the gtkmm binding, but
while i was at it ... i considered this to be "good style" :-)

This patch applies and compiles cleanly to the current cvs HEAD.

  -- o

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