[Glade-devel] using glade.h from C++ (for gtkmm binding)

Murray Cumming wrote:

I doubt that you'll have to introduce any C++isms to do that, though
maybe (just guessing) the GladeItemAppearance appearance enum will need
to go in a separate header, to avoid including whatever else they are
trying to avoid including by doing that predeclaration.

The header files are all screwed up in glade, I havent found time
to fix it (I have tried before, and I'm not sure if I actually ended
up making things worse). A bunch of forward declarations are
currently needed for the sources to compile, and the way source
files are currently including one another, its quite typical that
modifying any header will result in all objects getting rebuilt.

Ofcourse, anyone is welcome to try thier hand at fixing all this,
if it help c++ compilation to move the forward declatations somewhere
else... again, you're welcome to switch it up for those purposes.


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