[Glade-devel] [PATCH (CORRECTED)] renaming reserved C++ keywords

Well, if there are 2 files in one directory, of which one you want to
send to the mailing list and one you want to delete, the probability to
send the wrong one is 100% ;-(

Please find the correct patch attached.

Here's what actually changed:

- Many occurrences of "class" renamed to "klass", especially the member
"class" of the struct _GladeProperty, which, in turn, led to many
renamings whenever an instance of that type was used.

- Many functions had an argument named "new". changed that to e.g.
"new_widget" or "new_object", depending on its type. if there also was
an argument named "old",it was renamed accordingly (so that the
function e.g. reads
(GtkWidget *old_widget, GtkWidget *new_widget)
 instead of
(GtkWidget *old, GtkWidget *new_widget)

- Renamed member "virtual" of struct _GladePropertyClass
(glade-property-class.h) to "virt" and also renamed it wherever an
instance of type GladePropertyClass was used.

- Renamed occurrences of "template" and "this"

When one of the above keywords appeared in a comment, it was only
renamed if it explicitely referred to a variable or an argument, e.g. in
doxygen comments.

This patch applies cleanly to the current cvs HEAD. Glade compiles and
runs without me noticing anything strange.

Hope you like it  :-)

  -- o

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