[Glade-devel] Glade bindings framework

German Diago Gomez schrieb:

Hello, I'm doing an application for C++ and gtkmm and I'm very
interested in being able to create my catalogs with its own widgets for
my application. Could help and explain (more or less) the idea behind
the bindings framework, and if it's difficult to write a C++ binding?

Hi German,

nice to hear there are more people interested in that :-)

there is already some talk and a little code (in fact, very little code
:-) about that issue.

you may want to read

(the feature-request thread)

and those two threads on the gtkmm mailing list:


I'm currently working my way into the python binding just trying to
understand how the whole binding stuff works.

We may, however, need some preliminary work (see
"using glade.h from C++") with respect to the glade headers. I'm almost
done with renaming the reserved words, but maybe the header structures
will need restructuring before we can even compile some C++-file.

You're very welcome to help, but as said, i'm myself just starting with
reading through he existing code, so I couldn't tell you where to start.
I'll report my progress (and problems ;-) here on the list,so maybe in
the near future we can combine forces.

  -- o

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