[Glade-devel] Glade bindings framework

On Sun, 2006-12-10 at 22:09 +0100, German Diago Gomez wrote:

Hello, I'm doing an application for C++ and gtkmm and I'm very
interested in being able to create my catalogs with its own widgets for
my application. Could help and explain (more or less) the idea behind
the bindings framework, and if it's difficult to write a C++ binding?

Hi there,
   there has been some discussion about writing a c++ binding recently
maybe you should be in touch.

Currently I am not prepared to make an official public statement about
language bindings etc, the api is probably subject to change and frankly
I dont feel I have the time right now (maybe Juan would like to
elaborate), if you come by #glade3 in gimpnet we should be able to give
you a pretty straightforward explanation.

And, other thing I'd like to ask is if it will be possible to build
menus with the uimanager from glade. Thanks in advance.

UIManager support will not be available untill at least Glade 3.4
(which is planned to be the first stable glade release after gtk+
2.12 comes out with gtk builder support, to load these uimanagers).

If I can do anything at all to help avoid this gtkbuilder/uimanager
double standard then I will, menus and toolbars should be 100% buildable
with glade files, currently some patches to gtk+ are nescisary to make
these menus and toolbars integrate well with GtkActions & still support
mergability on toolbars and menus.


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