[Glade-devel] Non window toplevel widgets

Peter Statham wrote:
I was wondering, since it's such a benificial hack, if it would be a 
good idea to allow non-window toplevel widgets in glade-3?

Thats definitly part of the itinerary, I hadn't thought of that
particular angle but, it'd be nice to save prefabricated hierarchies
to be reused across multiple projects... and most importantly, it'll
be nescisary as part of support for non-widget objects.

i.e. objects such as GtkSizeGroup and GtkTreeStore/GtkAdjustment should
probably be top-level.

We'll have to patch libglade to that effect as well, we should probably
take http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=161903, and modify for
non GtkWindow top-levels, and at this point; I should branch libglade
for glade-3 (non-widget object) purposes.


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