[Glade-devel] Menu editor (was First glade-3 development snapshot)

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Ok, Last week I started to work on menu support.

Before start doing the menu editor itself I would like to have full
load/save support.

So I picked up Glade-2 and made a simple project with a menubar and a
couple of menuitems.
With somes modifications in gtk+.xml (GtkMenu* classes +
get-all-children-function, add-child-function, remove-child-function,
etc) glade-3 can load/save a simple menubar.
Once I finish it I will send the path to the list so you can help me
debug it :D

Good approach,
     I'll add support for custom editor entry points in
the plugin in a day or two (get that out of the way)...

Couple things:
     - The relationship should be GtkMenu --> GtkMenuItem,
       iirc you cant add a GtkWidget to a GtkMenu directly
       unless its a subclass of GtkMenuItem, that means in the
       gtk+.xml it should read:

           ... list support functions here ...

     - I know were not there yet, but lets try to make this code
       reusable, I have a feeling the toolbar editor is going to
       be quite similar, if we use a treeview to show the hierarchy
       of the menu we can use the same code for the toolbar, as
       long as we use the glade_widget_class_* api for that.
       Or even better, we can even make the GladeProjectView
       configurable and use one directly in the menu/toolbar editor...
       I could pitch in and do that part... there are a bunch of other
       enhancements I want to add to the project view anyway.

This is the biggest missing piece of the puzzle, your volunteering
to take care of this makes me very enthusiastic :)


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