[Glade-devel] Unbearabley Ultimate Undo Upgrade ....(patch)

Andy Somerville wrote:
Also as an after thought, in the future might it desireable to have
different undos for specific windows? E.x. undo in the property editor
undoes entries into the fields of the property editor, whereas undo
undoes creation/deletion/etc of widgets when the focus is on the
windows created by the project.

I dont think thats right, are there any apps that work that way ?

Maybe it would still be a good Idea to put all the callbacks that
house that logic in one file in any case?

I was thinking somthing like this:

g_signal_connect (... "key-press-event", my_handler... );

/* ... */

my_handler () {
     /* call the centralized key handleing logic */
     glade_key_event_handle (... event args..., "key source");

where "key source" could be:

enum {
     ... etc etc...

It would be the responsability of the calling code to setup its own
event signal handler, only it would call a centralized function to
take care of what gets done at that point.


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