[Glade-devel] Unbearabley Ultimate Undo Upgrade ....(patch)

Andy Somerville wrote:

     Another patch to fix another one of my complaints. This one picks
up the ctrl+z ctrl+r keypresses for undo/redo so that you can use them
while focus is on the "project windows" (meaning the window widgets
you are producing with glade ( I protest the current naming

I've been contemplating centralizing this logic somewhere
(like glade-key.[ch] or something)

The idea is to handle key events from GladeWidget widgets,
GladePlaceholder widgets, GtkFixed like widget containers (to
be defined) and the project window all in the same switch case;
I think this should help to provide some consistancy through
both the code base and the user experience.

it would also be important to handle cut/copy/paste
through here too.

what do you think ?


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