[Glade-devel] Properties Proposed Patch Presently Pending

Hey all,

     Im new to the glade-devel community, but since glade is such an
important piece of software, Ive decided to dive right in and try and
add something.

I have listed a few bugs/feature request/etc to bugzilla and in fact
have generated a patch to satisfy one of those.

The request and patch are to solve that annoying problem of having to
chase the property editor when it disappears behind other windows. The
solution is to add an item on the pop up menu that brings it to the
front, and/or shows it if it was not already shown.

The request and the patch can be seen at:

The only file changed is glade-popup.c, so It would be great if some
would try it out and see if you like it and let the list know.

     Andy Somerville

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