[Glade-devel] glade-3 with 'test-mode'

pclouds wrote:
I would request a 'test-mode' for glade-3. That is, when i go to this
mode, it creates new windows and all widgets inside without
interventions from glade-3 (such as bounding box, context menus...).
Of course we have to hook these windows' close events to destroy the
windows and stop test-mode.
It wouldn't be too hard to do and very useful to test ui. 

right now, the policy is that glade widgets grab right clicks,
ctl+"left clicks" and the first left click.

selected widgets get a selection drawn on top of them.

You are suggesting that in "test mode" these functionalities
dissapear ?

Thats not very hard to accomplish; but what do you get out of it ?

you could "see" how widgets react; but you wouldn't have any navigation
installed at this point.

maybe if this feature would be combined with a "gtk_rc_parse ()" to
see how your app will "look" in different themes it would be a little
more worth while ?

My 2 cents,

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