[Glade-devel] Is the TODO accurate?

   slowly but surely more and more people are taking interest in this project,
thats great to hear :)

    First of all, I'd like to say that the TODO file is a handy
reference for us
right now, but no; we haven't been keeping it up-to-date.

David Hoover sent a mail just recently to this list describing our agreed
roadmap, and created some bugzilla entries to track the items on our
upcomming milestones.

I don't think anyone has started work on file opened history feature,
but i could be wrong.

Unless they failed to mention it to us, then you are correct; nobody has 
taken this task up yet.

As for treeview bugs/enhancements, I think that David was going to look
into that, but you should work that out with him (I'm not sure that he's jumped
into that yet).

and your second point brings a neat idea to mind.  Should session
management and project state information be tied together.
In otherwords, each project carries with it information about the
position of each of its windows and information about the structure of
the Widget heirarchy.  This is much different then the session
management now implemented in the latest glade 2.6.x.  I can imagine
using the 
.gladep files for this information.  What are peoples thoughts about this?

There was a few threads a week or two ago on glade-users about 
session-management that IMO should set the standard of how we should
approach this beast.


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